Shiho Masuda Ribbon Tutorial: Bowed Up!

March 05, 2021

Shiho Masuda Ribbon Tutorial: Bowed Up!

Paper Guru Ribbon Tutorial: Bowed Up!

In her latest installment, Paper Guru, Shiho, grabbed a few spools of our eco-friendly paper ribbon and.worked her magic. If you've ever stared down a spool of ribbon, not really knowing how to make it look any fancier than your shoelaces, then this tutorial is for you. Shiho's tips take this paper ribbon to a new level with three clever crafts to wrap up and top with a bow. Want to tie one on like a master? Keep scrolling...

Why Paper Ribbon, you ask?

We are always on the hunt for eco-friendly ribbon to pair with our paper, and frankly, it's challenging. Most of what's out there is made of non-recyclable, non-biodegradable plastic (even many of the "fabric" ones), and unfortunate industry standards allow for toxic manufacturing processes. Pretty depressing.

This paper ribbon is compostable and recyclable, just like Wrappily, and it's fabulous colors are achieved using  non-toxic dyes. We find it fun and so versatile to use—though we have to admit, even we had to reach out for help with how to make the most of it.

Just say no to Pinterest Fails

Who has birthday party coming up? We can't wait to try this genius idea for these squeal-worthy party favors. Using nothing more than plain ol' paper cups and your fav Wrappily paper, you can whip up a custom treat that is sure to illicit bonafide heart eyes. Wrapping them up and topping them with a big, colorful bow is simply the cherry on top. Boys or girls, just switch up the pattern and colors.

I like big bows, and I can not lie...

With some loops and a few clever twists, Shiho shows us how to whip up these impressive bows, which can be used anywhere for tabletop design, floral arrangement...

...or topping a gift, of course!

Paper Guru on You Tube

Watch the video below for the full tutorial on how to create these looks. Who know what you'll be inspired to wrap up and tie with. a bow next.

Happy Wrapping!


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