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Wrappily Founder & CEO Sara Smith

Wrappily Founder & CEO Sara Smith

Burdened with guilt and belief that a better solution existed, I founded Wrappily in 2013 to answer a global need for a smarter, more sustainable gift wrap. Not to mention, my house was being overrun with gently used paper, ribbons, and gift bags just waiting for their moment to shine (again). I just couldn’t take anymore!

Wrappily is an example of what happens when you start to connect the dots in life. I grew up in the printing industry (thanks, Dad) and my affinity for old fashion printing presses continued to grow during a decade spent working in the publishing industry. Apparently, I just couldn’t get my mind out of the gutter (that’s an industry joke.)

Wrappily is headquartered on Maui, my home—a patch of paradise teeming with talented and generously supportive people willing to help make an idea a reality.

Yours happily,
Sara Smith

P.S. Watch this short video to hear more about how Wrappily can help you wrap beautiful gifts without the guilt.