Custom Wrapping Paper FAQs

We appreciate your interest in our custom printing. Here are answers to a few commonly asked questions:

Does Wrappily come on a roll?

No, our newsprint gift wrap is different from the traditional glossy stuff on a roll. We print your patterns on premium-grade newsprint using traditional web presses. Just like a daily newspaper, the paper comes off the press as a folded sheet. Read more about why we think our folded sheets > rolls in this blog post.

What is the minimum print run?

Our minimum of 3000 sheets reflects the large, high-speed presses we work on. Our process is ideal for high volume print runs at a very reasonable, low unit cost.

May I print multiple patterns to meet the minimum of 3000 sheets?

Minimums apply per sheet design, however our printing is automatically full-color and double-sided, meaning you get to print two patterns per sheet.

What are the dimensions of a sheet of Wrappily?

Our full sheet size is 21.5 x 34 inches, or approximately five square feet each. The finished folded dimension is 8.5 x 10.75”.

How long will it take to get my custom gift wrap?

Production typically takes four to six weeks from final art approval.

How is the paper packaged?

We offer a number of packaging options, from sets of two to five sheets all packed in our standard compostable, plant-based PLA bag. We call this process ‘kitting’. From there, we have the ability to completely customize your finished product packaging from front label to inserts and gift tags, etc, delivering you a high-quality retail-ready product.

Does the paper have to be packaged?

Not at all. We are happy to provide you the loose sheets straight off the press, perfect for your own in-house use for corporate gifting, if you have your own retail packaging, or you plan to use the paper as a product wrapper.

Will the ink rub-off on my hands like when I read the newspaper?

Not as much as you may think, but yes, a little—though we’re skilled at mitigating this effect in the design process. In web printing ink dries by absorption rather than being heat sealed or coated with laminates, which is a big part of keeping our product as green as possible. That said, today’s soy-based inks absorb much more thoroughly than the old petroleum inks which originally gained the reputation of rubbing off of people’s fingers. Wrappily’s uncoated paper is decidedly fresh, our crisp, reversible prints wrap a great gift—and not at the expense of the environment.

Why Wrappily?

Simply put: service, price point, and values. Wrappily was founded with the mission to green-up giving. Providing a new niche for underutilized newspaper presses, supporting local jobs, helping to promote independent artists, reducing the carbon-footprint of goods, and bringing an environmentally responsible product to market are all objectives in the Wrappily concept, and all soundly built on being 100% made in the USA. We pride ourselves on sourcing FSC-certified recycled paper and soy-based inks to produce a wrapping paper that is 100% recyclable and compostable, and easily biodegradable. (Comparatively, much of the gift wrap sold in the USA is printed in China, shipped halfway across the world, likely re-distributed after that, only to be ripped up and thrown away. It’s maddening!) With Wrappily, we’ve worked to shorten our supply chain at every juncture—we’re milled, printed, and packaged right in Washington State. We all deserve a gift wrap we can feel good about.

Attributes at-a-glance:


  • 100% recyclable & compostable
  • Printed on premium grade uncoated newsprint with soy-based inks, FSC-certified
  • Printed on domestic newspaper presses
  • Certified compostable/ biodegradable packaging


  • Exclusive patterns
  • Branded/ private label packaging available
  • Unique color-in back option available (fun for kids!)
  • Branded gift tag stickers (optional)
  • Retail mark-up of 3–4x cost on custom projects


  • Reversible patterns, bright and fun
  • Flat folded sheets are easy to carry/ travel easily (unlike rolled gift wrap)
  • Flat package works seamlessly with e-commerce