Mother’s Day Origami Crane Gift Wrapping Tutorial by Shiho Masuda

May 01, 2017

Mother’s Day Origami Crane Gift Wrapping Tutorial by Shiho Masuda

Mother’s Day Origami Crane Gift Wrapping tutorial.

If we’ve learned one thing it’s that pulling out all the stops for Mom is always a good idea. That’s why, with Mother’s Day just around the corner, we are thrilled to announce our new blog contributor, Shiho Masuda of Paper Guru.

A master gift wrapping artist and teacher, Shiho created a stunning origami crane gift wrapping that will show Mom that you’ve given her a lot of thought this Mother's Day (irregardless of the size of your gift.) It may look complicated, but trust us Shiho's oddly mesmerizing video tutorials will lull you into a level of creative expression you may have previously thought impossible. In fact, it’s her mission.

Sweet little gifts arrive on the wings of this elegant origami crane gift wrap designed by Shiho Masuda of Paper Guru.
Sweet little gifts arrive on the wings of this elegant origami crane gift wrap designed by Shiho Masuda of Paper Guru.

On growing up in her native Japan, Shiho reflects on a game she often played with her sister, “kawaii mono kaekko,” exchanging cute things. She warmly remembers the joy of exchanging sweet bits of stationery and gifts as a young girl, and this sentiment remains at the heart of her professional goals to this day. Shiho spent over ten years as a professional gift wrap artist in New York City, her service sought out by individuals and major corporations alike. With that experience, she launched Paper Guru to share her passion for beautiful paper and creative gift wrapping with others. Her instructive YouTube channel and subscription skill-share classes have since earned her a global following.

“Beautiful gift wrapping is a gift itself: instead of buying a gift first then wrapping it, why not create a thoughtful package then add a small gift to it.” -Shiho

Shiho Misuda of Paper Guru

Paper Guru for Wrappily

Shiho will be visiting our blog regularly with Paper Guru for Wrappily, new skill-building tutorials in the art of gift wrapping. I'm really excited about collaborating with Wrappily. As a paper lover, I respect how the company cares about the environment, as well as the designers they work with,” she shares. “Through our collaboration I will be introducing fun and creative gift wrapping ideas that make the most of their uniquely designed papers.”

Look for exclusive discounts on her featured Wrappily materials as part of the collaboration. To kick things off, take 10% off the Pineapples and Monster Pinks paper Shiho chose for her Mother's Day project by using the private promo code: PAPERGURUMAY. Offer good through May 31.

Origami Crane Gift Wrapping for Mother’s day

”One of the greatest ways to show mom you love her, I believe, is to create a heartfelt handmade art. Wrappily's reversible paper works perfectly with Mother's Day Origami Crane Gift Box idea. You can create an origami crane with one pattern then make a gift box with the other. Add flowers, sweets or other small lightweight gifts in the box and decorate the package with ribbon.”

Elevate your gifting game by folding along with this video tutorial. We'd love to see your results!

And to all you Moms out there…

Happy Mother’s Day!



From gift wrap basics to professional-level detail, Paper Guru Gift Wrapping Courses offer training at every level. Masterfully choreographed, the lessons build on skills, introducing greater and more creative techniques and artistry as you learn along with Shiho's gentle step-by-step processes. Paper Guru courses are perfect for anyone interested in building their own gift wrap business or simply seeking the personal satisfaction of elevating their gifting with family and friends. 

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