Gift Wrapping with Buttons

February 01, 2021

Gift Wrapping with Buttons - Gifts in a Rainbow

These button gift wrap looks seriously stole the show in our booth at Unique LA 2015. It seems nearly everyone who came by remarked on them. People wanted the buttons... They wanted to learn how to wrap with the buttons... They wanted to know where to buy the buttons... Since they were such a hit—and truly are a fun and unexpected way to embellish a gift—it was decided a blog post was in order.

How to Wrap Gifts with Buttons - Nautilus Flower

Gift wrapping tip: use colorful buttons as an unexpected gift topper. "Nautilus/ Aloha Flower" wrapping paper patterns designed by Jana Lam.

Of course, in doing this post, we are airing our dirty little secret—we horde craft supplies! Along with things like ribbon and washi tape, bags of mixed buttons often mysteriously find their way into our shopping carts, whether we are at the local craft store or scouting websites like Etsy.

As it turns out, it was a good thing we had them at our fingertips. When we styled the look book for our popular Jana Lam collection, they proved to be the perfect punch of color to help us create our gift wrap rainbow. (We totally knew we'd need them someday!)

Below are a few tips that we had in mind when we styled these wrappings, may they inspire you with creative gift wrapping ideas. Happy wrapping!

Keep it solo or go for a cluster

Gift Wrapping with Buttons - Orange Wrapping Paper

Orange Aloha Flower: Wrapping paper patterns by textile designer Jana Lam

Buttons add a nice focal point and pop of color to your gift wrapping. If you are wrapping multiple boxes, switch up using them solo or in colorful groupings. The size of your box, and button(s) for that matter, may affect this decision, too.

Grouped buttons pack a punch, creating a fun opportunity to play with color, shape, size and texture.

Here's how to gift wrap with buttons in 3 easy steps:

  1. We cut our twine to length determined by how many times we wanted it to wrap around the box.
  2. Then we threaded the buttons one at a time, wrapping the twine around the box once in between.
  3. When all were threaded, we tied off the twine and slid the buttons around until we were happy with their arrangement.

Pro-Tips: If the cord doesn't make it around to the bottom of the box, you can easily hide the knot behind one of the buttons. Used as solo accents, they make an equally strong statement. Think of scale, playing the size of the box and button off each other.


How to Gift Wrap with Buttons - Purple Buttons

Purple Sand Dollars: Wrapping paper patterns by textile designer Jana Lam

Using Buttons as Gift Toppers - Blue/Green

The blues and greens of Monster Flowers: Wrapping paper patterns by textile designer Jana Lam 

Build texture by mixing and layering ribbons and twines

For texture and color we used a mix of ribbon, butcher's twine and colored raffia to create the looks you see here. You'll need thin cordages like these to thread through the buttons, but if you have a wider ribbon that matches perfectly, work it in as a base to layer on. In fact, we even used bands of tissue paper as "ribbons." A bit of a cheat as you can easily adjust its width as you see fit, the tissue added a great pop of color.

Here's another tip: when skipping a bow, use tape to bind your ribbon rather than tying a knot. This allows you to keep a nice flat bottom to your box.

Gift Wrapping with Buttons - Yellow Pineapple Wrapping Paper

Bright yellow Pineapples: Wrapping paper patterns by textile designer Jana Lam 

Wrapping Gifts with Buttons - Orange and Red

Orange Aloha Hibiscus Flower: Wrapping paper patterns by textile designer Jana Lam 

Have fun threading!

And this truly is the best part of using buttons as gift embellishments, it's just so versatile

Thread multiple twines through a single button or string multiple buttons on a single twine. Tie a bow on top of the button, tie a bow beneath the button. Wrap your threaded buttons in just one direction or add a cross thread. Bunch the buttons up or stack them neatly in a line.

What else can you think of? We'd love to hear your ideas! Send us a message and let us know your thoughts.

Gift Wrapping with Buttons - Turquoise and Pink

Gift Wrapping with Buttons - Green


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