How to Create a Whole Party Theme with Just Wrapping Paper

June 09, 2021

How to Create a Whole Party Theme with Just Wrapping Paper

Here’s how to create a pro-level party decor theme using a few household supplies like scissors and tape, your favorite Wrappily Double-Sided Wrapping Paper, and your creativity. Your guests will love the festive environment, and you'll save a ton of time and money. We have so many tips to share, let’s dive in…

For an inspirational spark, we called on Tara Gray of Modern Maven, one of the craftiest, most party-perfect people we know and asked her to style a kids birthday party theme for us. Tara cranked up the creativity with some wildly clever ways to use Wrappily including party props, room and wall decor, food props, and gift wrapping, of course!  

Sharpen up your scissors, open your mind, and fill your creative tank with these practical tips and party DIYs.

High-five-a-sister shout out: We highly recommend giving Tara a follow, she’s a tropical maximalist, mover, shaker and hand-crafted dream maker, her feed is full of creative inspirations for beautifying your daily spaces.

10 Wildly Clever Ways to Decorate Your Next Party With Wrappily Double-Sided Wrapping Paper

1. Decorative Party Hats

Make a bunch ahead of time as a party prop or set up a DIY craft bar as a group activity, these cute little hats are as versatile as your imagination. Additional supplies needed: construction paper, felt balls or pompoms, thin elastic or string for chin strap.

Girl with DIY Wrapping Paper Party Hat and Dog with Wrapping Paper Party Hat

2. Cupcake & Cake Toppers

Seriously, there’s something smile-inducing about a cleverly topped cake or dessert. Make mini toy animal versions of the tiny hats above for the cutest cake topper. Alternately, craft your own paper shapes on toothpicks.

Cupcake Toppers


3. Plate Liners

This is such a simple, clever way to tie together your party decor theme: cut squares of your fav Wrappily pattern to size to jazz up the plating presentation of special desserts, appetizers, or slices of birthday cake.

Chocolate Cake with Party-theme plate liner made of wrapping paper

4. Piñatas

Nothing says party like a piñata. Use them for cake/ gift table decoration, party favors, or actually to hang as piñatas! We have a versatile tutorial on the Gift Happily Blog using Wrappily paper and ribbons. Read Tara’s Piñata Tutorial Here

DIY Pinatas in two different styles

5. Wrapping Gifts (obviously..)

Wrap, accent, and top your gift boxes with coordinating patterns for an extra coordinated look.

Birthday Gifts Wrapped for a Kids Theme Party

6. Garlands

There are so many ways to turn Wrappily into decorative garlands, which are great for framing a cake table or creating a festive photo wall. Layer up for extra wow factor. Some methods Tara uses are accordion fold medallions or pendant-style garlands.

Garland made of pleated Wrappily paper medallions

Steal this idea: Tara mixes a collection of coordinating patterns with various shapes and sizes to layer up her garlands—next level!

DIY Party Decor - Garland made of upcycled wrapping paper

7. Party Favor Packaging

Turn a humble paper cup into a bespoke party favor with this tutorial by Shiho Masuda.

Takeaway Party Favors with Eco-Friendly Paper Ribbon Bows

8. Snack Bags & Serving Ideas

Turn a square of paper into a quick, compostable envelope for self-serve snacks like pretzels, chips, popcorn or cookies. We collected a lot of different tutorials on snack bags and cookie envelopes in this 2019 Holiday Tutorial.

Snack Bags and Cookie Envelopes made of Upcycled Wrapping Paper

9. Table Centerpiece - Paper Baskets

Use this paper basket tutorial from Shiho Masuda to make these succulent planters that function as table centerpieces, decor, and living party favors that can be taken home and planted. Additional supplies needed: succulent clippings, cactus potting soil, moss. 

Plant Basket Centerpiece - DIY

10. Craft and DIY Station for Kids

Setup a craft station using a tutorial on this list or create your own! Seed Starters, Folded Paper Hats, and Paper Flowers are a kid-favorite. 

Kid Crafts at a DIY Station

 ... and there you have it, folks - Our Top 10 Party Decor Ideas you can use to create a whole party theme with just wrapping paper.

We'd love to see how you bring these decorating tips to life! Remember to tag @wrappily in your party decor posts. Thanks again to Tara @ModernMaven for helping us style this party photo shoot!

What themes and crafts do you want to see next? Do you know someone who would love to guest post on the Gift Happily Blog? Send your suggestions to gifthappily@wrappily.com