Make This Reusable Paper Flower For Gift Toppers, Bouquets & More (Daisy Style)

April 16, 2021

Make This Reusable Paper Flower For Gift Toppers, Bouquets & More (Daisy Style)
Did you have any idea that Wrappily's eco-friendly paper and double-sided patterns make beautiful paper flowers? Yes! You can transform plain paper into functional works of art and use for spring home decor, gifts for mother's day, baby showers, weddings, and more! DIY these brilliant blooming paper flower gift toppers by following these easy step-by-step instructions and video tutorial.
paper flower bouquet styled image
(photo credit: Tia Wright - Four Little Hooligans Photography)

Spring has flowers on our mind and we knew exactly who to call for help bringing our crafty paper floral dreams to life, Kirby-Jay Conyette. Her jaw-dropping paper artistry and installations are often in the scale of room-sized floral backdrops and larger-than-life blooms. Together, we have developed a series of paper flower tutorials that provide super easy to follow instructions, complete with follow along videos. In all, there are two flower styles, plus an ensemble wreath project.

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The Daisy Style Paper Flower Gift Topper

By Kirby-Jay Conyette @ikamcreate
Supply List:
- Wrappily eco-friendly paper (We used Enchanted Garden)
- Solid-color heavy-weight paper (We used 65# Cardstock)
- Scissors
- Glue stick or hot glue
- Awl or toothpick
- Double-sided tape
Paper Flower Daisy Style Template (5 stencils: Teardrop; Petal-A; Teardrop Petal-B; Center-A; Center-B; Circle) 

Step-by-Step Paper Flower Instructions:

1. Create the Stencils

The trick to making these paper flowers uniform and picture perfect every time is creating stencils for your base shapes. Download and print this template. Trace the shapes on to heavy-weight card stock paper and cut out 5 stencils. 

printable template - paper flower daisy style

An Important Note About Sizing: This template, when printed on an 8.5 x 11" sheet, makes a flower topper that is approximately 8 inches in diameter. You can resize your templates and use these steps to make flowers of any size you like.

    2. Make the Paper Shapes

    We are going for big blooms! This may feel like a lot of petals and cutting, but HOT TIP: layer the paper to cut as many as 5-10 petals at a time. 

    With the Wrappily paper, cut and crease:

    • 40 pieces of Outer Petal-A 
    • 32 pieces of Inner Petal-B
    paper flower petals

    With the solid-color paper, cut:

    • 4 pieces of Center-A
    • 1 Circle
    • 8 pieces of Center-B and fringe the edges
    coil fringe for paper flower center

    3. Assemble the Flower

    Use an awl or toothpick to coil Center-A paper strip. Continue to glue and coil additional Center-A strips.

    paper flower center coil - how to   coil center how to 2 for paper flower

    Glue fringed Center-B paper strip to Center-A coils. Tightly coil and glue remaining fringed paper strips. Fluff the fringe to shape the center (Kirby-Jay gives us a great fringe fluffing demonstration in the video at the bottom of this post)

    center coil fringe for paper flower
    fringe coil tutorial - paper flower center

    Use the Circle as the base of the flower and attach 8 Outer Petals (A), continue layering with the Outer Petals (A) in rows of 8 and follow with the small Inner Petals (B).

    paper flower petal base
    paper flower example   paper flower example photo

    Lastly, glue the fringed and fluffed center in place.

    paper flower tutorial - finished    paper flower diy

    Use a small piece of double-sided tape to secure the topper to a gift or fasten to a ribbon so it can be used again and again.

    Paper Flower Gift Topper


    There are so many great ways to use these beautiful paper flowers! Mix and match with the Sunflower Style Paper Flower to create a wreath or bouquet! We want to see your DIY paper flower projects - share your #WrapHappy photos with us @wrappily

    Paper flower bouquet - styled photo
    (photo credit: Tia Wright - Four Little Hooligans Photography)

    MEET THE ARTIST: Kirby-Jay Conyette

    Kirby Jay Conyette - artist profile
    "I am Kirby-Jay, an industrial engineer-gone-rogue and the silk and paper florist behind @ikamCreate. I design colossal 3D floral installations for all occasions— weddings, baby showers, corporate events and more. This year I opened an Etsy shop, so that I can offer petite floral wall art and fun DIY paper crafting activity kits. Check out my latest creations and services! 

    I started ikamCreate in California in 2015 as an illustration service, but have since transitioned to dreamy, larger-than-life handcrafted floral structures. I LOVE what I do because, through my work, I get to be part of your precious moments and fabulous celebrations! It also allows me to connect with some amazingly talented creatives who constantly inspire me."