Seven Facts You Need To Know About Wrappily Eco-Friendly Wrapping Paper

May 21, 2021

Seven Facts You Need To Know About Wrappily Eco-Friendly Wrapping Paper

A Note From Our Founder

“A gift wrap company’s job is, quite literally, to think outside the box. This is a challenge I accept wholeheartedly.”  - Sara Smith
      1. Flat Wrap Newsprint
      2. Smudge Happens
      3. 100% Recyclable, Compostable, and Plastic-Free
      4. Woman-owned in Maui, HI
      5. Support Small Business & Independent Artists
      6. Packaging made of Plants
      7. Short Supply-Chain, Made in the USA

1. Welcome to the Flat Wrap Revival

We print on neighborhood newspaper presses! 📰  And just like the daily paper, Wrappily shoots off the press as a folded sheet. The brilliant thing about flat wrap (as it's called) is that it eliminates that unnecessary cardboard tube. Getting rid of excess packaging makes environmental sense from so many angles. Plus, you’ll love how easy our wrapping paper is to use and store. We promise you won’t have to designate a closet or sacrifice under the bed to keep a lil' extra Wrappily around the house. 
  • Buh-bye cardboard tube and unnecessary packaging
  • No fuss, easy flat storage

    2. Inky fingertips may happen (we see it as a badge of honor) 

    Similar to handling a newspaper, our colors may transfer onto your fingertips. With our process, ink dries by absorption rather than being baked or coated—it’s more energy efficient and exactly why Wrappily is so easy to recycle and compost.
    >>Quick FYI: That glossy coating on conventional roll wrap is a full layer of baked-on plastic, resulting in wrapping paper that’s not worth the effort to recycle. 😔 

    Don’t let a little smudge come between us. It rinses right off, but the environmental impact of your decision to use a more sustainable gift wrapping paper endures.

    Ink smudge photo and IG comment

    3. We Live To Help You Crush Your Sustainability Goals

    Many of us are seeking simple swaps towards a more sustainable lifestyle. No matter how ambitious your sustainability goals, Wrappily supports your efforts with a product that is 100% recyclable, compostable, and plastic-free. 
    Did you know that 4 million tons of trash every year is attributed to gift wrap and shopping bags? (I know when I learned this, I had to make a change.)


    Recyclable, Compostable, Plastic-Free Wrapping Paper


    4. Wrappily is Woman-Owned and Headquartered in Maui, Hawai’i

    Growing up on an island means living face-to-face with often limited resources, it’s unequivocally framed my perspective of sustainability. Every day I drive by our one remaining landfill, disheartened by the swollen mountain it's becoming. Our dire need for solutions towards a more circular economy is the fuel that drives my passion to build Wrappily. Learn about me.

    Sara Smith, Wrappily Founder in Maui,HI

    5. Your Purchase Supports Small Biz & Independent Artists

    We are proud to support a large and vibrant small-business community of independent artists, illustrators, and textile designers who are pursuing the dream of building a career with their art. Genuine artists design all the amazing double-sided wrapping paper patterns we feature. We pay for the rights to use their creative work, and thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to amplify their brand through our sales & collaborations with professional gift wrappers. 

    Wrapping Paper Designers - Support Artists from around the World

    6. Our Packaging is Made of Plants

    Wrappily’s been plastic-free since before it was a hashtag. Our clear packaging is made of plant starch PLA that’s commercially compostable and certified biodegradable. Similarly, this commitment extends to all our other packaging and shipping materials. (Seriously, nothing is worse than ordering an eco product only to have it delivered in plastic.) 

    Wrappily plant-based packaging

    7. Made in the USA with a Short Supply Chain

    When developing Wrappily, we went straight to the source: the sustainably managed forests and paper mills of the Pacific Northwest. Unlike traditional wrapping paper that is primarily printed overseas and travels thousands of miles by land, sea, and air to reach your home, Wrappily is milled, printed, and packaged right in Washington State for the shortest possible supply chain. Every consumer product has a carbon footprint, we work to make ours closer to a pinky toe print.

    After all, everyone deserves a gift wrap they can feel good about and I hope you can feel good about purchasing from Wrappily.


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    Watch our friend and Paper Guru Shiho Masuda unwrap one of our top double-sided wrapping paper designs