Kim Sielbeck

May 14, 2021

Kim Sielbeck

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Kim is an illustrator, painter, and surface designer. Her colorful, fun illustrations can be found on packaging, clothing, in magazines, and on murals throughout the world. She was born in Alaska, and moved all around the United States as a Coast Guard brat. Kim was greatly influenced by her few years living in Hawai’i as a child, and moved back in 2017 after eleven years in New York City.

When not drawing, Kim is traveling to new places far and wide, walking everywhere, playing guitar (check out her old band Puppies), reading, trying to pet all the dogs, or trying to figure out how to get on a sailboat. Favorite karaoke song: Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana. 

 Scroll down to read our Q&A with Kim for Artist Appreciation Month!

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Artist Appreciation Month Q&A

We caught up with Kim in honor of Artist Appreciation Month for a quick Q&A and a peek behind the scenes at her process and inspiration behind her art!

What was the inspiration behind the Wild Thing Collection?
I was so excited to begin working on the "Wild Thing" collection. Right off the bat, we decided to make a collection that could work for any occasion, so I knew I'd have more freedom in subject matter and theme. While this could seem daunting, I decided to go as weird as possible, and loved the idea of juxtaposing my favorite foods with nature- thus Plants n Junk was born. My blue tigers are always a hit, so I was excited to give them some new life on wrapping paper. And the positive phrases were so important to make during the pandemic. I've been trying to stay as positive as possible, and figured some affirmations on wrapping paper would be a nice reminder to folks opening gifts!

Kim Sielbeck in action

Can you share a favorite memory of unwrapping a gift?
One of my favorite gift-unwrapping stories was one Christmas when I was in high school. We were on the last few gifts, and my Mom saved the biggest box for last. As she went to unwrap the box, which was maybe 2 feet by 2 feet, she lifted the flaps and screamed in terror and jumped back. We wondered, what could've possibly gifted my Mom? Turned out there was a giant cricket trying to escape the box, and it jumped at the first opportunity! I forget what the actual gift was, but the cricket definitely wasn't part of it.

I wrap most of my online orders, and have used some of our collection to do so- it's a perfect compliment!

What does living an eco-friendly lifestyle look like to you?
Moving to Hawai'i was really eye-opening for me. Seeing how much plastic and trash was washed up on the beach highlighted that we need to do a much better job of taking care of our planet. I've made a point to use reusable shopping bags, and do my part to recycle every week. I also recently bought an electric car, but still try to walk everywhere or ride a bike when I can! Sometimes I definitely struggle and I could always improve, but it's a choice to do a little bit every day that will make a difference.

Do you have any new projects coming up? What is the best way for us to support you and your business?

I've always got new projects on the horizon! This year I have some fun packaging coming out a little later in the year with one of my favorite chocolate companies. I am painting a crosswalk in an intersection in my new home in Southern California, and have a huge mural planned on the other side of the world. When I was first starting out I had no idea how much travel could be involved in being an artist, and I'm so fortunate to be able to make work all around the world and connect with an audience all over. That's halted a lot due to COVID, but I'm excited to travel again!

You can always find my most recent work on Instagram (@kimsielbeck) or my website (kimsielbeck.com). I have an online shop where I sell prints and other items, so please check it out, and thank you!