Holli Zollinger

January 11, 2021

Holli Zollinger
The color theory, textures and patterns that surround her daily life energized endlessly inspired by her desert home of Moab, Utah,. Over time she has worked tenaciously at refining her self-taught illustration and surface design skills and is now a world-renowned designer. In love with the creative process that captures a conceptual spark and extrapolates it into a full collection, Holli's hugely diverse design portfolio has caught the eye of major brands like Urban Outfitters, Target, Nordstrom, and Anthropologie.   
Scroll down to read our Q&A with Holli for Artist Appreciation Month!

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Artist Appreciation Month Q&A

We caught up with Holli in honor of Artist Appreciation Month for a quick Q&A and a peek behind the scenes at her process and inspiration behind her art!

What was the inspiration behind the Oracle Collection?

As a designer I like to challenge myself to step outside of my comfort zone with content, scale and color.  For the "Oracle" Collection my main focus was to play around and have fun while trying to achieve a "maximalist" look.  Playing with pattern can be so tricky and subjective, but I love how these turned out.  I especially love the simplicity of the Tiger Eye and the Navajo Silver.

Navajo Silver Minimalist Wrapping Paper Style

What is your favorite thing about gift wrapping?

Assembling the perfect gift feels like an art. Picking the wrap and giving yourself a moment to put it all together can also feel like meditation.  I love having lots of options when it comes to wrapping paper, often it feels like you're picking something special for the personality of the gift and the recipient.  

Oracle Wrapping Paper Bundle

What does living sustainably look like for you?

Having a sustainable lifestyle feels very important right now. Whether I'm buying recycled toilet paper, gift wrap, paper towels or reducing my waste it's about being conscious of my consumption. An eco-friendly lifestyle is being aware of all of those things and making choices that will impact future generations.

What's new? How have things changed since you first started out?

I am currently working on a few new projects, but also taking some time off.
"How it started" looked a LOT like hustle, hustle hustle, and "how it's going" looks more like self-care and long walks in between the hustle.

Holli Zollinger in her element