Make A Wrappily Gift Bag

October 12, 2022

Make A Wrappily Gift Bag

Make a gift bag out of wrapping paper!

Yes! You can easily turn your wrapping paper into a gift bag.

We love a beautifully wrapped gift, but sometimes you just need a gift bag—whether it’s for an overstuffed teddy bear, a baseball glove, or a sleeve of homemade cookies. No need to go buy something new, you can keep it eco-friendly and Wrappily-cute by fashioning our 100% recyclable and compostable paper into a custom made gift bag using this easy tutorial from @linesacross. (Seriously, we whipped-up the bags pictured here in just a few minutes!)

What you need:
1. Wrappily paper
2. Glue stick or double-sided tape
3. Scissors
4. Tape
5. Chipboard or cardboard
6. Twine, yarn, or ribbon
7. A single hole punch

First, some tips from our test crafters:

Size: To determine the dimensions of your bag, find a box that comfortably fits your gift item. Use this box to build your bag using this tutorial from @linesacross

Lines Across Blog - DIY Gift Bag Tutorial

Reinforce: These bags are fine as-is for lighter items, but if your gift item weighs over a few pounds you can reinforce your bag in these ways:

- Add structure by cutting out a piece of chipboard or cardboard to place at the bottom of the bag (simply trace the box for the correct size).

- Reinforce the handles by glueing a strip of chipboard or card stock to the inside of the bag where the handles attach. 

- Doubling up the paper will help the bag keep it's shape and give it more strength for heavier items.


- Have fun with the handles. In our testing, we experimented with stretches of jute, raffia, sisal, braided yarn, ribbon, even pipe cleaners. They all looked great.

- Kick the entire presentation up a notch by adding an embellishment. Our poinsettia gift toppers or paper holly would really look lovely.

Congratulations! You just created something beautiful and fun. Happy wrapping!

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