Paper Guru Master Course: Holiday Gift Wrapping

November 14, 2017

Paper Guru Master Course: Holiday Gift Wrapping

Wrap Like A Pro This Holiday Season

If you love gift wrapping, this class is for you. If you don't love gift wrapping, this class is also for you.

Professional gift wrapper Shiho Masuda of Paper Guru just released her latest master course—10 Creative Ways to Wrap Your Holiday Gifts—and it's devoted to holiday gift wrapping using Wrappily. (Squee!) Different from the free lessons on her YouTube channel, Shiho's master courses are very in-depth and offer a series of tutorials on one subject. We took the video course ourselves here at headquarters and can report that it is well organized, easy to follow, and chock full of inspired holiday gift wrapping tips that will elevate your gift wrapping game this season. Tuition is $39.

If you've gotten to know Shiho through our blog, you'll understand her sincere belief that so much of gifting is not the item inside, but the care and consideration you put into how you present it. It's a philosophy we can get behind, especially this time of year when our generosity and bubbling holiday spirit can be in direct conflict with our wallets. Make a $20 gift look like a million bucks? Yes, please. 

Want to make sure your gifts stand out from the rest this year?

Whether it's for a special someone, client, boss or coworker, these wrapping ideas ensure your gift will make an impression. Taking the class you'll learn basics for wrapping boxes like a boss, plus how to wrap odd shaped items (wine bottles, flower bouquets, cookie tins), how to make knock-out gift toppers, and gift wrapping without a box for real show-stopping looks.


HOT TIP: read to the end of this post for a totally free—and totally awesome—DIY tutorial, a little gift from Shiho.

Paper Guru - 10 Creative Ways to Wrap Your Holiday Gifts
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Shiho says this course is perfect for you if...
• You appreciate the art of gift wrapping
• You would like to upgrade your holiday gift-giving
• You would like to learn new techniques or brush up your gift wrapping skills
• You would like to know how to wrap different shaped boxes professionally
• You care about the environment and would like to wrap your holiday gifts in sustainable ways using the holiday wrapping kit
• You would like to know how to creatively wrap your gifts in holiday themes without using any boxes

That humbling moment when someone takes your stuff and does so much more with it than you ever thought possible? Yeah, that happened for us before the first lesson was halfway through. (Sigh... well, she is the paper guru.) At least we know we're great at one thing, and that's gift wrap. We've compiled a special Paper Guru Holiday Gift Wrap Kit containing all the supplies you will need to complete the course, and then some. 



And since it's the season for giving...

Here's a FREE DIY tutorial hot off the Paper Guru You Tube channel. Look what you can turn your Wrappily into! 

These treat bags are a treat unto themselves. Office favors, class treats, party gifts, how will you use them?