Pressed Flower Paper Eggs

March 22, 2023

Pressed Flower Paper Eggs

Let's decorate eggs with fresh pressed flowers! Create keepsake eggs for Easter and spring decor. Below you'll learn how to make pressed flowers and use them to decorate paper eggs. This garden inspired DIY is easy and a fun spring craft for children, teens, and adults. Step by step instructions and supply list provided.

Wrappily Pressed Flower Paper Eggs Spring Decoupage DIY Tutorial

Nature is our muse around here, if you can relate, join us on a springtime crafting journey as we collect and press wildflowers then use them to decorate paper eggs. The result is beautiful garden-inspired keepsake eggs that add a colorful touch to table displays, spring decor, and can even be used for an Easter Egg Hunt.

This multistep spring craft is fun and simple enough to do with kids, but also sophisticated enough to hold the interest of teens and adults. We've provided step by step instructions below, but please use them only as a springboard for your own creativity. 

Wrappily pressed flower paper egg tutorial DIY

Supply List:
Flowers and leaves
Decoupage medium
Paper Eggs
Blotting paper (or paper towels)
__ __ __


1. Collect your flora

Take a stroll and look for a variety of interesting shapes, silhouettes, sizes, and colors. Be adventurous and try different things—thicker flowers many be difficult to press, but you can deconstruct interesting pieces of more complex or woody blooms. Some of our favorites turned out to be lacy fern fronds, delicate and petite wild flowers, nasturtiums, and lavender.

(If you don’t have access to wildflowers or a garden to gather from, this craft project works just as well with store bought bouquets, too!)

2. Clean and ready them for pressing

Pluck off the stems, pinch off the leaves and fronds, peel open the petals, you’ll need pieces small enough to lay on the surface of your eggs. 


3. Press the flowers

Ready a stack of books and trim paper towels or blotting papers to fit within their pages. Lay your flora in a single layer with space in between, making a sandwich of 2-3 papers on the top and bottom. Tuck each little flower sandwich in the pages of a book and repeat the process until all your flora is neatly tucked away for a little rest.

Stack the books and weight them so pressure is applied evenly across their surface. Leave to press for 3-5 days.

*Alternate method: for a faster turn, you can iron the flowers individually between parchment paper. This method requires a little more elbow grease, but if you don’t mind ironing, you’ll have pressed flowers without waiting days.

4. Apply pressed flowers to eggs

The flowers are ready when they’re pressed flat and their moisture has been absorbed by the paper towels. Ready your eggs, brushes, and decoupage medium of choice. We tried both Mod Podge and Nori brands here, but a 3:1 dilution of simple white craft glue to water also works.

Apply a thin layer of decoupage medium to the eggs, apply your floral bits, then cover with another layer of decoupage medium. Don’t be afraid to cover over the seam around the middle of the egg, we’ll free that up later. Lay carefully on a clean flat surface to dry, about 5-10 minutes.

Lesson learned: It's certainly a personal choice, but the Mod Podge we used had a glossy finish, and on final reflection, the matte finish would have been a better choice aesthetically in keeping with the natural, organic theme. 


5. Clean up seams and edges

If needed, use an exacto or box cutter to lightly slice around the the mid-line seam to free up the two halves of the egg. Use light touch! If any stems or floral bits didn’t glue down properly you can use the exacto to clean these up, as well.

6. Display and enjoy!

Pro tip: use the drawstring sinemay bag the paper eggs are packaged in for easy storage.

Wrappily Paper Eco Eggs


Happy Crafting!

Wrappily pressed flower paper egg tutorial


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