A Case for Flat Wrap

September 11, 2017

A Case for Flat Wrap

Once you go flat, you never go back.

Kiss those big, clumsy rolls of wrapping paper goodbye and discover just how convenient flat gift wrapping paper is to use and store.

Raise your hand if you have that space, that out-of-the-way spot where your supply of gift wrap gets stuffed. Whether its the back of a closet or under the bed, it’s challenging to keep those snarls of ribbon, unruly rolls of wrapping paper, and leftover scraps from previous wrapping endeavors organized. A Pinterest search reveals the lengths some will go to bring order to a gift wrap station—from Ikea hacks to all-out custom craft rooms (ummm... who's budget is that in?!)

Here's an idea: Instead of finding a fix, change the game. Flat wrap!

Not only does Wrappily's convenient folded sheet design eliminate organizational and storage issues, using our 100% recyclable and compostable gift wrap makes you one eco-smart cookie.

Perfect Fit

Because Wrappily is printed on newspaper presses, our paper comes off the press as a folded sheet (yup, just like your daily newspaper.) Taking nearly three feet of wrapping paper and neatly folding it to a size that easily tucks into a tote bag, manila envelope, or file folder makes it easy to manage, tote around, and whip out whenever needed. You can grab it on the go and slip it right into your bag without the hassle. Score one for flat wrap.

Easy To Store

Flat wrap's convenient size also makes for easy storage and eliminates having to make a extra project of keeping gift wrap supplies organized. With Wrappily, just use what you already have on hand.


Here's a few of our favorite ways to keep our no-hassle gift wrap handy around the house store flat in a desk drawer or hanging file (great for the organizationally inclined!), slip into a vertical magazine caddy or desk organizer, hide under a desk mat, or toss into a craft caddy. So easy!

Wrappily stores great slipped into a magazine or craft caddy.

Not just for old bills... hanging files fit Wrappily just right—and keep your patterns organized.


Hold the ROLL

As we've been kind of getting to here, the most noteworthy reason to make the switch to flat wrap is that it eliminates the bulky, cardboard roll. No roll means no struggling against paper that wants to curl back on itself— a definite win in our book. When you have fold perfect corners and navigate a tape dispenser with one hand, no one needs that added frustration. When you use flat wrap the sheet of paper can be easily cut to size without being defeated by those pesky curled edges.

No roll also means one less thing to recycle (or worse: throw away.) Flat wrap design uses less packaging than traditional wrapping papers, which means less waste, and we're all about that around here. (Not to mention, our clear bag isn't plastic but made of PLA, a plant-based material that is certified compostable and biodegradable.)

 As we all look to be ever-more efficient in our daily lives and make smarter choices for the environment,we cheers to you, flat wrap.

Here's to celebrating the small wins.