Spring Crafting with Paper Eggs

March 25, 2022

Spring Crafting with Paper Eggs

Tara Gray of @ModernMaven is back on the Wrappily blog with three crafty tutorials to make your spring decor shine using our new paper eggs. Use these quick ideas to decorate your eggs at home that can be used in table centerpieces, welcome wreaths, or window displays.

"Each of these projects can be done on its own or brought together to create a spring themed centerpiece for Easter. They also create darling gifts for friends, neighbors, and teachers” Tara shares. So go through your craft bins and gather your cutest mini accents you’ve been saving for the right project to craft along with us.

Paper Egg Diorama

A diorama is a window to a magical scene, so this project is a perfect place for creativity to soar. Poke around the house or your craft bin for mini decorative accents to use. Decor themes of nature or spring are seasonally fun, but your egg diorama is a blank slate. And while this is a kid-friendly craft, it is highly recommended that an adult handle the cutting step.

Paper Egg Diorama DIY Materials


  • Kraft Paper Eggs
  • Wrappily Paper (used here: Enchanted Garden)
  • Eco Shred (used here: Yellow)
  • Mod Podge
  • Small paint brush with pointed end
  • Hot glue
  • C-clamp
  • Sharp cutting tool like an X-acto or serrated knife
  • Decorative accents (used here: mini mushrooms & ladybugs)

Step 1: Clamp & Cut Egg Opening

Paper Egg Diorama DIY - Cutting

To create the opening for the diorama, slice off one side of the egg. These sturdy paper eggs are tough to cut, use the clamp (not your fingers!) to securely hold the egg as you carefully make your cuts. Be extremely cautious here, and always cut away from your body.

Step 2: Decorate the Outside of the Egg

Paper Egg Diorama DIY - Decorate with Mod Podge

Cut small pieces of decorative paper or your favorite Wrappily pattern to decorate the egg. Paper pieces that are too large will wrinkle and not fit the shape of the egg. For this project, Tara chose elements like spring flowers and animals from our Enchanted Garden

Using a small brush, apply a thin layer of Mod Podge on the back of each paper piece and smooth it onto the egg, layering as much as desired until the egg is covered. 

Pro Tip: level up by using this same technique to decorate the inside of the egg, too.

Step 3: Add Finishing Touches Inside the Diorama

Paper Egg Diorama DIY - Fill with Eco Shred

Scrunch up small bits of Eco Shred, moss, or your filler of choice and stuff into the bottom of the egg. Use dots of hot glue to keep in place.

Cover the exposed cut edge of the egg with your choice of trim applied with hot glue. Add final diorama elements to the interior of the egg. Tara used teeny mushrooms and ladybugs, but other ideas include live baby succulents or air plants, candies like jelly beans or mini chocolate bunnies, or even shells.

Paper Egg Diorama DIY - Finished Spring Decor


Mini Egg Baskets

Here’s a quick, easy, and versatile craft that turns the two halves of fillable paper eggs into mini baskets. Fill with treats and they’d work great in a table centerpiece or even as an individual place setting for a formal dinner or tea party.

Paper Egg Mini Basket DIY - Materials


Step 1:

Cut ribbon into ~3" sections depending on the desired height of the handles. Separate egg halves to serve as the basket bases, add ribbon trim to the egg bottoms to cover the lip.

Paper Egg Mini Basket DIY - Cut Cotton Curling Gift Ribbon


Step 2: 

Use hot glue to attach ribbon ‘handles’ to the inside of the egg halves. 

Paper Egg Mini Basket DIY - Attach Handles


Step 3: 

Fill your mini baskets with Eco Shred, moss, or your filler of choice, top with decorative accents and treats to your desire.

DIY Mini Egg Baskets with Shred and Found Fillers


Paper Egg Mini Vase

"Wrappily’s products offer so much flexibility, I love using them for so much more than wrapping gifts!” says Tara. Eco Shred strips are the perfect size for decoupage crafts, like this mini decorative vase. Turn paper eggs into a perfect little vessel for small sprigs from the garden or that fell off a bouquet. They’d work great as an individual place setting or part of a larger display.

Paper Egg Mini Vase DIY - Materials


Step 1: Clamp & Cut Egg to Create Opening

Paper Egg Mini Vase DIY - Clamp and Cut

To convert the egg into a mini vase, slice off the narrow top. The paper eggs are tough to cut, so use a clamp (not your fingers!) to securely hold as you cut through the paper maché. Please be careful and always cut away from your body.

Pro Tip: If you’d rather skip the cutting, this decorating technique can also be used on the whole egg.

Step 2: Decorate the Outside of the Egg

Paper Egg Mini Vase DIY - Mod Podge with Eco Shred

The individual shreds of Wrappily Eco Shred are the perfect width for working with Mod Podge to cover the egg. Working vertically, apply Mod Podge to your first strip of shred leaving a half inch overhang at the top to cover the exposed cut edge and paste to the inside of the egg. This will assure you have a clean, covered edge when you are finished. Continue by slightly overlapping each new strip as you work your way around the entire egg.

Paper Egg Mini Vase DIY - Finished with Flowers


Top off with flowers, budding twigs, sprigs of herbs and your display is ready!

Creating a Spring Centerpiece

Bring all of your crafty egg creations together to create a centerpiece for your spring decor. 

"To display together, use the bottom of an empty egg carton, fill with Wrappily shred or your filler of choice, and place in your crafted eggs," suggests Tara.

DIY Spring Centerpiece with Paper Egg Crafts

Get creative! Hang your eggs on a wire tree or create a spring garland to hang in front of a window or photo backdrop.


Happy crafting!


About the Artist: Tara Gray, of Modern Maven 

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