Orchid - Cotton Curling Ribbon

$7.00 USD

  • Loop it, tie it, curl it –– this Orchid purple cotton curling ribbon is the perfect eco-friendly alternative to plastic curling ribbons.

    Why You’ll Love this Curling Ribbon:

    • Curls easily with scissors. Crimped or uncrimped - this ribbon curls like magic.
    • Get creative with your ribbon styles - split into thinner strands or even quill into fun shapes to use as a gift topper. The sky is the limit! Check out our blog for more creative ideas.
    • Feel good choosing a ribbon that’s plastic-free, compostable, and biodegradable. It really makes an impact to green-up gifting!

    Sustainable Materials:

    • Uncoated and unwoven cotton curling ribbon is 1/2” wide. Each spool is 10 yards.
    • Beautiful COLOR made with water-based dyes and soy-based non-toxic ink.
    • Made in the USA with cotton yarn sustainably grown & dyed by an artisanal ribbon maker in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    • Plastic-free packaging on a cardboard spool.

    Care & Disposal Instructions:

    • Store in cool, dry area outside of direct sunlight to preserve color.
    • Uncoated ribbon is stiffer than its plastic counterparts and may require a heavier hand to hold & tie. We recommend creasing the corners where the ribbon wraps around your box for a nice crisp look. 
    • Compost in your green bin or in the backyard with your compostable gift wrap.