Beach House by Bunglo, 6 sheets

$11.99 $20.00

Traveling the globe with her sketchbook and watercolors in hand, artist Shay Spaniola weaves a world of influences into the textile patterns she creates for her home decor line, bunglo. She transforms her watercolor sketches into feathery fractals, resulting in a thoroughly modern spin on a traditional ikat or batik. We love how the loose, mutable quality of the original work shines through in the digitized pattern. Like something you'd daydream while napping in the summer sun, these patterns simply take you places.

The bunglo x Wrappily collection is effortlessly chic—elegant enough for a summer wedding and cozy enough for a best friend's birthday.

Six reversible gift wrap sheets come flat and folded with adhesive gift tags. Sheet is 21.5" x 34”. Printed in Washington on recycled and recyclable newsprint.