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November 22, 2021

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"The 15 Best Places to Buy Wrapping Paper This Year"
December 9, 2021

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The 15 Best Places to Buy Wrapping Paper This Year

You can choose from sturdy, reversible patterns or even create your own designs.

If you love finding the very best holiday gifts for everyone on your list each year, there's a good chance you also appreciate the joy of a perfectly wrapped package. Choosing the right wrapping paper (or bag) and matching ribbon to suit the gift, holiday and recipient is a special art. But if you're wary of spending too much in a gift shop or simply can't find what you're looking for in person, there are a lot of great places to shop for holiday wrapping paper online.

These online wrapping paper sellers have everything from high-end paper sheets to affordable rolls available in bulk. Some stores also specialize in sustainable wrapping solutions that don't generate yearly waste, such as Japanese furoshiki wrapping cloths. (If you can't wrap to save your life, those cloths are a good solution.)

Whether you're looking for vintage-inspired patterns, traditional Christmas designs, whimsical and kid-friendly art or holiday-neutral designs, these stores have your back. Some even let you customize your paper for a truly unique gift.

FYI: Some wrapping paper is recyclable (if you can scrunch it in your hand, you should be able to recycle it). Check here to find your local collection's number and call to see if it accepts wrapping paper. If not, consider looking at these clever ideas for upcycling your wrapping paper, or invest in some of the more sustainable wrapping solutions on this list, including Japanese wrapping cloths.

#1 - Wrappily

Good Housekeeping Editor's Choice - Best Wrapping Paper

Wrappily prints its paper on 100% recyclable and compostable newsprint made from neighborhood newspaper presses, plus you can custom-design paper with your company’s logo or any other personalized touch. 

Wrappily's paper comes in reversible designs (so you get two designs for the price of one), and if you’re traveling for the holidays, the flat sheets are much easier to pack in a carry-on than a roll. 

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