Watch Wrappily in Action - Feliz Flamingos + Candy Canes

October 05, 2021

Let's open a pack of eco-friendly wrapping paper together and see what's inside! Cute double-sided wrapping paper patterns, recycled and recyclable gift wrap with, plastic-free packaging--this is your most sustainable wrapping paper option.

Wrappily gift wrap sheets come flat and folded with complementary gift tag stickers. Each package comes with three reversible wrapping sheets. Individual Sheet size is 21.5 x 34". Printed in Washington State on recycled and recyclable newsprint. Wrappily is made in the USA and 100% compostable/ biodegradable.

Shop for Feliz Flamingos + Candy Canes Eco-Friendly Wrapping Paper, designed by Nadia Hassan. 

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