The Inconvenient Truth About Ribbon

July 14, 2021

The Inconvenient Truth About Ribbon

Once you start your sustainability journey, it seems like plastics are everywhere.

Let's unwrap the sad fact about most ribbons and bows...

Gift Ribbon and Bows made of plastic


Perhaps you swapped for a reusable option like satin or velvet fabric? Here's the catch, just about all woven ribbons are made of plastic sold by different names like nylon, polyester, polypropelene, or polyethylene. (And don't even get us started on the metallics, glitters and flockings 🤯 ).


Satin Ribbon and Bows are also made with plastics

At the end of the party, even these reusable fabrics are going to live in your landfill forever. 😔⁠⁠

Eco-Friendly Swaps to Replace Plastic Gift Ribbon and Reduce Waste

This issue is a particular thorn-in-our-side, so we scour the globe in search of eco-friendly alternatives.

Swap Curling Ribbon made with plastics for a Cotton Curling Ribbon

Swap satin ribbon for paper ribbon that will hold its shape

We're proud of the biodegradable ribbon options we've sourced for our shop—and we're always on the hunt for more! Send us a new product recommendation

Beautiful Bows shouldn't last forever - shop eco-friendly and biodegradable gift ribbon

 Reduce Plastic Waste! Shop Eco-Friendly Gift Ribbon and Twine

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