New Patterns: The Maker Co-op for Wrappily

October 09, 2014

New Patterns: The Maker Co-op for Wrappily

Announcing... The Maker Co-op for Wrappily

Many hands make light work — or in this case, a fabulous new pattern collection. Wrappily had the great honor to collaborate with The Maker Co-op out of Austin Texas. The group's members each make fine, handmade goods under their own label, everything from stationery to accessories and jewelry to furniture. Drawn together in craftsmanship and camaraderie, the diverse group of artists find it more fun (and inspiring!) to team up. And that is just what they did for us.

"Wrappily has been the perfect platform for the members of The Maker Co-op, with their varying processes and aesthetics, to collaborate on one project," says member Jessica Tata of Son of a Sailor. Morgana Lamson of Satchel & Sage adds, "We loved merging our unique styles together to create a cohesive and colorful collection of patterns." Other contributing Maker Co-op Collection members include A&K Woodworking and DesignMisha BlaiseFairmorning BlueMAKE ATXLittle MinnowLittle LowMonorail Studio, and Poppy & Fern.

The collection, all ten patterns, is a creative explosion — what else do you call ten design houses working together on one project? Bound by the artisans' keen aesthetic and an irresistible palette each member contributed a design. As gift wrap, they're perfect for near any occasion.

Wrappily Winter 2014-41 WEB.jpg

But the good news about this collection doesn't end there. Wrappily added a new press to it's roster, this one north of Seattle. They did a stellar job printing the collection and even helped us source a heavier, brighter paper that is much sturdier than anything we've previously used. (Yippee!) We discovered a great benefit to printing in Washington is that the paper is milled right there. Anytime we can shorten our supply chain, we're jumping on it! (Yippee, again!)

And there's more... we're improving our packaging, too. Beginning with this collection, we are using a beautiful new, sealable clear bag. What could be beautiful about a clear bag? When it's made from plants (not petroleum) and certified to compost and biodegrade. Now that is a sight to behold. 

We hope you enjoy this collection and the adjustments we are making to Wrappily. We are ever improving in our pursuit of being the hippest, most eco-minded gift wrap available. Thank you for joining us on our journey.

Wrappily Winter 2014-46.jpg

The Scoop – the makers and their work.

Below is The Maker Co-op Collection for Wrappily, five delicious new reversible sheets we're doing cartwheels over. Join the happy dance, won't ya?

Little Minnow/ Little Low sale Little Minnow/ Little Low from 6.00 Poppy & Fern/ Son of a Sailor Poppy & Fern/ Son of a Sailor from 6.00 Satchel & Sage/ AK Wood Satchel & Sage/ AK Wood from 6.00 Fairmorning Blue/ Misha Blaise Fairmorning Blue/ Misha Blaise from 6.00 Monorail/ MAKE ATX sale Monorail/ MAKE ATX from 6.00


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