DIY Origami Box

December 27, 2013

DIY Origami Box

Transform an ordinary piece of paper—or even used wrapping paper!—into something fun and functional. This tutorial covers a common way to create an origami box, but we’ve adjusted the instructions to make a shorter lid that takes advantage of the reversible Wrappily patterns (or coordinating piece of recycled gift wrap.) What can we say? We like to mix it up.

Follow along with our step by step instructions and soon you will be folding these sweet little boxes up in no time. Thinking ahead, wouldn't this be cute as Valentine given with a few chocolates or candy hearts? I Do!

 Do this yourself: Origami Box made from recycled wrapping paper

Do this yourself: Origami Box made from recycled wrapping paper

Box Base:

Step 1: Measure out a square of used wrapping paper, we used 7.5x 7.5” to make a 3" box. The size of the paper determines the size of the finished box; adjust according to your needs.

Step 2: Choose which pattern you want showing for your final product and place this side face down.

Step 3: Fold in half vertically, crease well and unfold. Now fold in half horizontally, crease and unfold.

Step 4: Fold each corner in to meet the center of the paper. (The tips will meet at the center of your X crease.) 

Step 5: Fold the top edge of the square down to the center, crease and unfold. Repeat for the bottom edge of the square. 

Step 6: Completely unfold the two sides you just creased. Youll notice the creases running parallel along your work.

Step 7: Turn paper so the points are pointing horizontally. Now fold the top (flat) side down to the middle. Do the same for the bottom (flat) side. 

Step 8: Turn paper so the points are pointing vertically. Fold the top point down toward the left to the point so that the right vertical side of the work is now perpendicular to the rest of the paper. Crease and unfold. Repeat folding the same point down toward the right. Now turn your work 180 degrees so the opposite point is facing away from you and repeat this step. 

Step 9: Now, near one end, open out the paper along the new creases you just made, which will pull upward the tip the paper until it is upright while creating the two sides of the box.

Step 10: Fold this tip down to the center of the box, creating the third side. 

Step 11: Repeat Step 9 for the opposite side of the box and now firm up the whole box by going over each side crease to make more firm.

Step 11: Create a finished look by cutting a piece of contrasting paper (2 5/8square) to lay in the bottom of the box. If you want the bottom to be extra solid, cut a piece of cardboard or cardstock and wrap it with the contrasting paper. 

Hooray! Continue on to make a short lid for your box...


Lid Instructions:

Lid Step 1: Cut a piece of matching or contrasting wrapping paper that is 6 5/8square. Choose which side you want showing on your final project and put this side face down.

Lid Step 2: Repeat Box steps 1-4.

Lid Step 3: Set your completed box on top of your lid paper. Center it by lining up each corner with one of the diagonal lines. Use a pencil to carefully mark 1/8 inch away from where each corner of the box rests. 

Lid Step 4: Set aside the box base and return to the lid paper. Using your pencil marks as guides, fold the top edge of your work down until the crease will run through two pencil marks. (Peek inside the fold as youre going to ensure it is lining up perfectly with the pencil marks.) Repeat for the bottom edge, folding the bottom upward and creasing at your pencil marks.

Lid Step 5: Unfold and repeat for the other 2 sides of the square. Unfold.

Lid Step 6: Fold the tip of each corner inward to meet the corners of the inner square defined by the creases made in the last two steps. The tip should meet the pencilmarks you made in step 3. Crease and unfold. 

Lid Step 7: Unfold two opposite tips.

Lid Step 8: Pull up the two long sides to form a trough. Youll be folding upward from the innermost set of parallel creases.

Lid Step 9: Create the lid’s third side by pulling one pointed flap upward while pushing the side creases inward.

Lid Step 10: Fold the flap over and down against the inside lip of the lid, creating the third side and providing structure for all three. 

Lid Step 11: Repeat steps 9 and 10 for the last tip, creating the fourth wall of the lid.

Ta da! You did it! Fit the lid on your box and admire your work. Now that you know how, it will take only a moment to whip up another.

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