Can you teach an old press new tricks?

November 25, 2013

Can you teach an old press new tricks?

Old web presses are kind of our thing. They're giant feats of industrial innovation. They're dirty and loud. They're increasingly underutilized.

 old web press

We're decidedly short-sighted when it comes to printing our paper. Instead of looking halfway across the world, we're creating a model that could bring it to your hometown. (Who knows?) Newspapers are printed all over the nation. These presses that have been churning out dailies for decades grow increasingly quieter as online news subscriptions grow.

We have an idea of what can help keep these presses running.

Incidentally, by buying wrapping paper that's printed locally or regionally—rather than, say, China where the majority of the stuff is printed—you have the choice of vastly reducing the carbon footprint of consumer goods (something we all need to be doing a lot more of these days.)

Can you teach an old press new tricks? Yes! We have proof.

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