Earth Day Design Contest - The Winners!

May 01, 2015

Earth Day Design Contest - The Winners!

Wrappily Earth Day Design Contest 2015 Winners Announcement

First, THANK YOU is in order. We want to express our sincere gratitude to all the artists who participated and voters who stopped by to make our first ever Earth Day Design Contest a huge success. From the entries, we're thrilled to have donated $250 to Earth Day Network, and as we also committed, we will be donating 5% of online sales of each of these three winning designs to the artists' charities of choice. 

Over 250 valid ballots were cast. We enjoyed reading the comments you voters included with your ballots. Overwhelmingly we heard how fun you thought it was to browse the designs and vote—and how hard it was for you to choose just three. (We feel ya' there!) We also received constructive notes from our mobile users that voting was difficult from a phone. Thank you, and duly noted; we'll be working to improve that for next time.

A voter named Nicole gave us a great idea, "I love the selection of designs we can vote on. I hope you have a giveaway for the winning designs." Um, why didn't we think of that?

Based on Nicole's brilliant idea, we decided that every voter who's ballot matched the three winning patterns would win this new collection hot-off-the-press. Of all the ballots, over a dozen named two winners, but just one voter nailed all three. Ms. Christina Hartman, you rock star! Pat yourself on the back for your incredibly good taste. We'll be contacting you via email to make prize arrangements.

Look for these beautiful nature-inspired patterns in our SHOP by early August.


Drumroll Please...
Without further delay, we proudly announce our 2015 Earth Day Design Contest crowd favorites.


Blue Bells by Amy Reber

It's hard to believe from looking Amy's bold, colorful designs that she is completely self-taught. This stay-at-home mom and military wife says she spends every moment she can working in her sketchbook. Originally from Washington, she and her family now reside in Virginia. In honor of her son, Amy chose the Wildlife Conservation Network to receive our donation. "My 11 year old is a HUGE animal, mammal, and reptile nut, and has been for years, so I'll dedicate this for him, Sam Reber. He will be so thrilled!" 

   Blue Bells  by  Amy Reber  | Eco c  harity of choice:     Wildlife Conservation Network

Blue Bells by Amy Reber | Eco charity of choice:  Wildlife Conservation Network

Scales & Koi Mono by Sharon Turner

Sharon Turner is a professional textile designer who lives in Nottingham, England with her husband and two children. Her background in science and art are reflected in her eccentric, illustrative style. Her prolific work can be found on a range of products from throw pillows to leggings to shower curtains. Visit her website to find out more. Sharon chose Trees For the Future to receive proceeds from her pattern for Wrappily.

  Scales and Koi Mono  by  Sharon Turner  | Eco Charity of choice:  Trees For The Future

Scales and Koi Mono by Sharon Turner | Eco Charity of choice: Trees For The Future

Pink Leaves by Ja Soon Kim

Originally from South Korea, Ja Soon currently resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico where she is a yoga instructor. She's spent a lifetime in the arts, from graphic design to museum curation. Her current hobby of creating compositions with objects she finds in nature has gained her a tremendous following on Instagram. Her striking images, some austere others elaborate, are snapshots of a meditative process. Ja Soon is still pondering her charity of choice. We will update this post as soon as hear.

  Pink Leaves  by  Ja Soon Kim  | Eco charity of choice: TBD

Pink Leaves by Ja Soon Kim | Eco charity of choice: TBD

And that's a wrap!

So, what do you think? Should we do it again next year? Leave us your comments below.