Earth Day Design Contest: Announcing the 2016 Winners

May 02, 2016

Earth Day Design Contest: Announcing the 2016 Winners

They designed, you voted, we donated. What can we say, we love this contest!

Before we throw up the confetti, we want to take a moment to express our sincere gratitude to all the contributing artists and close to 500 voters who stopped by to make our second annual Earth Day Design Contest a huge success. Thanks to the hard work of our contributing artists, we're thrilled to be donating $340 to the environmental non-profit organization, Earth Day Network, and as we also committed, we will also be donating 5% of online sales of each of the three winning designs to the artists' eco-charity of choice. 

You voters get a little something, too. As we did last year, we are gifting the new collection hot-off-the-press to any voter who's ballot matched the winners. Nearly forty ballots included two of the patterns, and amazingly, three voters nailed all three winners: Denise Thayer, Karlijn Van der Wijk, and Sarah Smith (no relation/ association to our founder). A round of applause, ladies—you know how to pick a winner (or three!) We'll be contacting you via email to make prize arrangements.

Look for these beautiful patterns in our SHOP in June.

Drumroll, please...

Watercolor Cactus by Dutch graphic designer Heleen van der Thillart stole your hearts. "I design bright and bold designs," Heleen tells us from Rotterdam, "I love the variety in shapes, sizes and colors in cacti and succulents. We don't have them naturally here in the Netherlands, but you can buy them everywhere. For this design I chose to use watercolors, because it feels fitting for these plants." At Heleen's choice, 5% of online sales of Watercolor Cactus will benefit Natuur & Milieu, an organization providing innovation in the fields of renewable energy, sustainable mobility, and healthy food, operating primarily in the Netherlands, as well as a European and global scale.

  Watercolor Cactus  by  Heleen van der Thillart

Watercolor Cactus by Heleen van der Thillart

Turns out you couldn't pass up the frolicking whales in Ashlee Fujimoto's Hawai‘i Love, either. Who could? Ashlee, who was born and raised in the islands, shared, "These designs are inspired by the lush beauty and joyful playfulness of nature in Hawai‘i." Ashlee chose to benefit Mālama Hulē‘ia, a volunteer-based organization dedicated to improving and restoring the Nawiliwili Bay Watershed on her home island of Kaua‘i. 

  Hawai‘i Love  by  Ashlee Fujimoto

Hawai‘i Love by Ashlee Fujimoto

Playful critters seamed to have you're eye, because the happy birds and sweet little bunnies in The Enchanted Garden by Tamara Houtveen grabbed your votes. Filled with cheerful blooms and bright colors, this pattern captures the magical quality of a child's imagination, definitely a strength of Tamara's style. The Ducth designer (yes, two of our winners are from the Netherlands this year!) will be naming a charity of choice soon. We'll keep you posted.

  The Enchanted Garden  by  Tamara Houtveen

The Enchanted Garden by Tamara Houtveen

And that's a wrap. Congratulations to our winning artists! 

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