Announcing Our Earth Day Design Contest

March 06, 2015

Announcing Our Earth Day Design Contest
Wrappily Earth Day Design Contest announcement

We Love Nature: Earth Day Design Contest

Calling all artists, illustrators, block printers, graphic designers, and more — you are invited to participate in our latest design challenge in honor of Earth Day. We can’t think of a better source of inspiration than nature, and Earth Day is an occasion dear to our eco-lovin’ hearts.

To participate, submit two coordinating patterns (a front and back to our reversible paper) that is inspired by nature. Plants, clouds, trees, insects, feathers, reefs, birds, antlers, flowers, or rainbows, it’s all fair game. Your submission will be displayed here on our website for all to see. Over and around Earth Day on April 22, the Wrappily community will vote on their favorite designs, determining the three winning sheets that will go to press.

Design theme: Nature, My Muse
Submission window: March 27 - April 10
Public voting period: April 15-29
Winners announced: May 1

So what are you waiting for? Whether it’s a frolic in the backyard or a local park, a dive in the ocean, or a hike through a great expanse of wilderness, get outdoors, do some research, and start creating. (Don’t you wish all assignments came with homework like this?)

The Good News:

We want to have fun and do some good, so for every eligible submission Wrappily receives, we will donate $10 to the Earth Day Network's Green Schools Campaign, up to $2000. Green Schools are the most effective agents for enacting significant positive environmental and educational change in schools and communities.

Earth Day Network is a nonprofit organization dedicated to mobilizing a new generation of Earth activists. They work every day of the year to diversify and mobilize the environmental movement around the world, helping people have an impact on their communities. Their school greening program works to provide students, faculty and administrators with tools to create healthy, comfortable and productive learning environments while saving energy, resources and money.  

The Even Better News:

If your submission is chosen as one of the top three crowd favorites, there’s rewards in it for you, too. The winning designers will be featured on our website, promoted throughout our social media channels, they will receive a supply of their printed Wrappily sheet and a $100 check.

But, wait!, there’s more… Since we’re out to do some good, why not bring it home to a favorite local nonprofit that’s doing good in your community? For your winning sheet, Wrappily will donate 5% of online sales over the course of a whole year to the environmental charity of your choice. [It must be a registered NPO with an environmental mission. For help choosing, search your city/ state in this great list vetted by 1% For The Planet.]

About Wrappily:

Wrappily has had one goal from the very beginning: to green-up giving. The Earth Day Design Contest helps us take that mission even further. With ‘we love nature’ as a rallying cry, we are energizing the design community together with our Wrappily community, all while finding ways to fund both global and local environmental nonprofit agencies that are on the ground doing great work. 

Wrappily was founded in 2013 as a solution to the 4 million tons of waste attributed to wrapping paper every year. Our paper is printed with soy-based inks on 100% recyclable and compostable newsprint sourced from the Pacific Northwest. In fact, at every juncture we look for ways to keep our supply chain as short as possible and carbon footprint to an absolute minimum. Even our packaging is certified biodegradable.

How To Participate:

- Submit your patterns via the form on our contest page, available March 27 - April 10.
- Eligible submissions will be uploaded to the contest page daily, displaying your pattern, name, and hotlink of choice.
- The public votes for their favorites between April 15-29.
- Three winning designs are sent to press for summer release.

Eligible submissions must meet all of the following criteria:
1. Each design submission should include two coordinating patterns (a front and back to our reversible sheets).
2. Contest is limited to three submissions per person.
3. Keep your designs PC and PG. Nothing offensive, nothing obscene—we’re all about wrap happy here!
4. Patterns must represent original work pertaining to the theme. While we love classics like stripes and polka dots (or chevrons or plaids), they will not be accepted here.
5. Files must be submitted as PDFs; pattern dimensions should be 22” x 34.”
6. Submissions must be accompanied with all necessary contact information: Name, Mailing Address, Phone Number, Email Address, website and social media handles.
7. You must agree to the contest rules, even we can not escape the fine print. 
8. All submissions must be received by the contest deadline of April 10 at midnight PST. 

A note about our process: We print on cold web newspaper presses. Artwork should account for dot matrix printing. Patterns with very fine details will not transfer well, medium-to-large vector and raster patterns will garner the best results. 

Please help us spread word amidst your creative friends and colleagues. We welcome your participation and referrals.

Have questions? Leave it here in the comments section or send us an email.