2018 Earth Day Design Contest: Three Cheers for the Winners

April 30, 2018

2018 Earth Day Design Contest: Three Cheers for the Winners


This year we received a record 63 contest entries from artists as far off as Australia, Ukraine, and India answering our call for the design theme "Nature Through the Eyes of a Child." Among the amazing field of diverse and skilled design work, winners had to be chosen. We turned to you, our discerning audience, for your opinions. Nearly 700 ballots were cast to help determine the crowd-chosen favorites with so many of you telling us how difficult it was to choose. We can't thank you enough for voting, friends!

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As we carefully tallied your choices, three submissions rose to the top as the crowd-favorites. We are thrilled to bring these talented artists into our family of designers, and even more excited to deliver their lovely patterns to you as new Wrappily in the very near future.

First, a ROUND OF APPLAUSE for all participating artists

Thanks to all their hard work and contest entries, we happily get to write a donation check to Kokua Hawaii Foundation for $630, making good on our pledge of $10 for every valid submission received. Great design that gives back sure feels like a win to us. This organization is on the ground in the community and schools here in our home state working to promote environmental education and stewardship in the next generation. We are so honored to support their important work through this contest. Hats off to our participating artists for helping us knock it our of the park this year!

We know the suspense is killing you, so without further adieu...

Presenting our 2018 Earth Day Design Contest Crowd Favorites:

Earthy Lion Fiesta,
by Tati Abaurre

Artist's Statement: "To me a child sees nature as fun, playful and colourful. So I hand drew lions and played around with soft but fun colours and hand painted details to create a pattern that had all three characteristics, with a touch of cuteness, of course!"

Tati is a Brazilian pattern designer and illustrator who lives in Slovenia with her husband and son. She grew up in sunny Rio de Janeiro, and has always loved to surround herself with everything cute, colourful, floral, and patterned. She creates using mixed media including hand drawings, watercolors, and digital media. She is constantly experimenting with new techniques. Though her background is in architecture and sustainable design, she is currently following her dream to establishing herself as a surface pattern designer. Tati creates to share her joy and inspiration of the beauty of the natural and built world.

Sheep Meadow, by Sanna Kallio

Artist's Statement: "We made a trip to English countryside with my family ...all around us were meadows and sheep. The landscape was so beautiful and harmonious. It reminded me of my childhood in the Finnish countryside and those careless, sun-lit summer days. I wanted to capture those memories in this pattern."

Sanna is a Finnish illustrator and graphic designer, who has recently moved to the United Kingdom. She loves to design funny animal characters and quirky texture patterns. She's been a pattern enthusiast her whole life, developing her passion for art and drawing from kindergarten through to receiving her Master of Arts at the University of Art and Design Helsinki. She started her career as an illustrator but soon found her other big love, magazine design, which became a decade long career. Her professional focus is now transitioning to surface pattern design. Realizing her dream, Sanna has just released her very first collection of stationery, homewares, and gifts. 

Worms, by Goldie Moran

Artists Statement: "This pattern was inspired by my son being fascinated with snails and worms when he was younger. I wanted my design to feel fun, childlike and fresh."

Goldie is a graphic designer from Manchester, UK who has recently caught the pattern bug. Her favorite is designing for childrenswear and greeting cards, where she's been experimenting with character and typography design. About her entry for the Wrappily Earth Day Design Contest she adds," I'm inspired by nature so this was a great brief for me and it was fun to add some typography elements to my design." Voters took note of her unusual style calling her work "a joyous collection of ideas" and "fun and inspiring."

2018 Honorable Mention

With so many beautiful entries this year, the voting was quite competitive. Many designer's works received high praise from voters. In recognition of their talent, we present this honorable mention list of the artists who rounded out the contest's top ten favorites. Cheers! Thank you again for sharing your inspired work with us all.

Claire Jackson, Save the Pink Whales
Danielle Carey, Playing in the Grass
Holly Helgeson, Puddle Jumper
Rebecca Woolbright, Go With the Flow Malolo
ShynedM, Bees & Gardening
Solmariart, Woodland Mood
Tishya Oedit, Garden Discoveries

Lastly, many thanks to YOU, our voters. 

And that's a wrap, folks.



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